Why You Need Sperry Boots In Your Wardrobe

Discount AMBRA ETRO by Etro – In 1935, Paul Sperry was walking across some ice on a cold winter day in Connecticut. As he walked, Prince his dog was walking along side him. However, he noticed something odd. The dog was not having any problems walking on the ice. He closely examined his paws and noticed little grooves and cracks. This is the beginning of the first boat shoe. He took out his pen knife and cut out the original tread design that is still in use today. After that, many important styles in shoes and Sperry Boots followed.

Sperry Top-Sider footwear has become synonymous with traction and performance on the water. This kind of design is also very effective for many other kinds of footwear on land. The first tread design was patented as Razor-Siping and is similar to the cocker spaniel paws that gave birth to the concept back in 1935.

The footwear company features three major categories of products. Those categories are American Original, Enduring Style, and American Performance. American Original design is made in the image of the original boat shoe from 1935. They are quality shoes featuring handmade construction with aluminum eyelets. The laces are made from genuine rawhide.

American Performance products are specially made for the person that enjoys the water and the benefits of exercise. This is the kind of footwear that delivers top performance while limiting shock to the feet and the body. The innovative design has special rubber soles that deliver superior traction. The design is hydroponic for dealing with all kinds of wet conditions.

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